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Active Schools


Active Schools (General)
Active Schools Monitoring Info (PDF, 48K)
Active Schools Session Planning Guide (PDF, 57K)
Activity Register Activity Register Template (MS Word, 420K)
Activity Register Example (MS Word, 420K)
Curriculum for Excellence Curriculum for Excellence Pupil Record Sheet (MS Word, 294K)
Indoor Games
(Flash Videos)
Games - Introduction
Game 1 - Tails
Game 2 - Geneva Dodgeball
Game 3 - Mat Dodgeball
Game 4 - Beanbag Slides (Pairs)
Game 5 - Beanbag Slides (Small Teams)
(Flash Videos)
Dance 1 : Lion King
Dance 2 : Grease
Dance 3 : ‘I Believe' (Hip-Hop)
Games Booklets P1-7 Multi Activity Booklet (PDF,9Mb)

Information about MiniMotiv8
MiniMotiv8 Lesson Plans

Playground Challenges

Basketball Skills 1 for Playground (PDF 128K)

Basketball Skills 2 for Playground (PDF 136K)

Football Skills for Playground (PDF 123K)

Juggling Games for Playground (PDF 180K)

Rugby Skills for Playground (PDF 117K)

Playground Games Ball Jump, Beans, Bottle Change, Bucketball, Colour Change, Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean, Greedy Birds , Ladders, Make your own face, Pacman, Pointing Game, Sharks, Stepping Stones
Playground Leaders Pack Section 1 ( Introduction )
Section 2 ( P 1, 2, 3 )
Section 3 ( P 4, 5 )
Section 4 ( P 6, 7 )
Section 5 ( Skipping Games )
Section 6 ( Parachute Games )
Skipping Challenges

Skipping Challenge - Teachers Notes (PDF 268K)

Skipping Rhymes Booklet (PDF 356K)

Sports Activity Packs Badminton (PDF, 770K)
Basketball (PDF, 1M)
Netball (PDF,495K)
Rugby (PDF, 740K)
Shinty (PDF, 1.3M)
Squash (PDF, 470K)
Table Tennis (PDF, 675K)
Tennis (PDF, 765K)
Unihoc (PDF, 445K)
Volleyball (PDF, 910K)
Rules Booklet Rules Booklet (PDF, 5.5M)
TOP Play Resources Introduction
TOP Play Session
TOP Sport Session
Example TOP Sport Lesson Plans
Traverse Wall Games Traverse Wall Games Pack (PDF, 690K)
Volunteering Active Schools Volunteer Hand Book (PDF, 1.3M)
Young Persons Leadership Award 2013/14 Games Pack (PDF, 5M);
2012/13 Games Pack (PDF, 2M);
2011/12 Games Pack (PDF, 3.0M)
2009/10 Games Pack (PDF, 1M)
2010/11 Games Pack (PDF, 900K)
YLA Blank Games Plan (PDF, 70K)

Active Schools