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Building Standards

Customer Care Policy Statement

  1. Policy Statement
    Building Standards aim to set clear standards of service and to regularly review and improve performance.  We undertake to give clear information about its service in the form of a Customer Charter which will be easily accessible to everyone who requires it.  All enquiries and complaints will be dealt with in a prompt manner.  Users of the service will be consulted with and their views will be used to continually improve the service.

  2. Customer Service
    Our customer service policy is enshrined in our Customer Charter which is available at our reception areas, website and is also included in our application packs.  The Charter gives guidance on the basic level of service that customers should receive.

  3. Customer Feedback
    Customer feedback will be continually assessed via a customer satisfaction survey form.  This will be available in reception areas but will also be sent out to customers directly when they submit a Certificate of Completion submission.  Feedback from customers will be analysed by a designated officer and will be reported in summary form and made available in reception area on a quarterly basis.  Feedback will also be used to assess whether changes to the service are necessary in response to customer demand.