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Community Learning and Development

The Community Education Service promotes and provides opportunities throughout the Western Isles for community based learning and development services to adults and young people where local people are included, participating, achieving and progressing.

Community Learning & Development incorporates:

Community Learning & Development

Adult Learning
Achievement through learning for adults

Raising standards of achievement in learning for adults through community-based, lifelong learning opportunities incorporating the core skills of literacy, numeracy, communications, working with others, problem-solving and information communications technology (ICT).

Youth Work
Achievement through learning for young people

Engaging with young people to facilitate their personal, social and educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence and a place in society.

Capacity Building
Achievement through building community capacity

Building community capacity and influence by enabling people to develop the confidence, understanding and skills required to influence decision making and service delivery.


The local priorities for community learning and development are set out in the Community Learning & Development Strategy.

The Scottish Governments’ document, ' Delivering Change', sets out the range of outcomes that Community Learning & Development is expected to bring about or contribute to.

Up to date information on national issues can be accessed through the following site, Much of the work is undertaken in partnership with other public and voluntary organizations and volunteers.

Community Education Service volunteers are a major resource and make a vital contribution to our service.  We intend to encourage, develop and support volunteer involvement in our work.

The time, energy and skills offered by our volunteers benefits our work and helps us to achieve our aims. Experience has shown that volunteering also brings benefits to volunteers themselves and to those with whom they work.

The Community Education Service believes that our relationship with our volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and commitment, within which the Community Education Service and our volunteers both have rights and responsibilities. We hope that volunteers will enjoy their involvement and gain from it in terms of their own personal objectives.