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Community Learning and Development

Youth Achievement Award

Youth Achievement Awards offer a peer assessed approach to recognising and accrediting young people's achievements aged 14 plus.

They enable young people to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors in a variety of settings including youth work, volunteering, active citizenship, alternative curriculum and formal education.

The Awards recognise four levels of responsibility taken by young people participating in activities that interest them.  Bronze is about young people TAKING PART, at Silver young people ASSIST, sharing responsibility with others, at Gold they take individual responsibility to ORGANISE, and at Platinum they undertake training and LEAD.

The awards can be accessed through a Participating Unit.

Participating Units & Contacts

Participating Units & Contacts
Participating Unit Contact Person e-mail Address
Barra Youth Club Katie Denehy
Bridge Community Centre/YMCA Jonathan Maciver
Roots and Wings Gail Vann
Lewis Youth Council Karen Macleod
Pointers Drop-in Centre Sharon Reid
Uist Open Group Donald John Macdonald
Western Isles Youth Council Erica Clark
Community Education Youth Work Anji Macritchie
Sgoil A’Bhac ‘Rich tasks’ Erica Clark
Ceol na Cloinne Mairi Maciver
Iomairt Gaidhlig Iar Thuath Leodhais Marina Murray

For further details contact:

St Lennan’s Youth Services Centre
22 – 24 Point Street
Isles of Lewis

Tel: 01851 822714


Additional information on Youth Achievement Awards can be accessed through the following link: