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Outdoor Safety in the Western Isles

The Western Isles – also known as the Outer Hebrides and the Long Isle – is an island chain which runs for over 130 miles along the Northwest coast of Scotland.

The terrain across the area varies dramatically from high sea cliffs, flat desolate moors, mountainous areas low-lying loch covered machair. The area can also experience some of the most extreme weather conditions in the UK, with high levels of rain and very strong winds being brought in from the Atlantic Ocean. These two factors together make the Western Isles and area worthy of some respect when venturing into the outdoors.

The best way to ensure your safety is to make sure you are prepared for the challenges you could face. The information below should help you to stay safe.

Going To The Hills?

Let us know before you go form (PDF, 411K)

Links: – the Mountaineering Council of Scotland provide advice to those venturing into Scotland’s outdoors on safety. – the Mountaineering Council of Scotland 'Enjoy the Scottish Hills in Safety' page. – the Mountaineering Council of Scotland 'Winter Safety Advice' page. – Hebrides Search and Rescue, the local Mountain Rescue Team, provide useful advice for those travelling in the outdoors. – The Meteorological Office provides regular updates on the forecasted weather around the UK.

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