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Community Safety


Through the Community Safety Partnership, Northern Constabulary, Community Education and the Social and Community Services Section have worked together to develop the Vandalism Action Team. The team have worked together to develop an  information pack that will be presented to young people informing them of the effect vandalism has on the Islands and on the Environment.

The Vandalism Action Team’s Resource Pack will be launched by December 2009 as a valuable teaching resource. 

  • In 2005/06 Northern Constabulary achieved a 70.7% detection rate for vandalism.
  • 71% of young people who responded to the Antisocial Behaviour survey considered    vandalism to be a big problem in the Outer   Hebrides.
  • 61.7% of young people concluded that diversionary activities would be the most effective way of tackling antisocial behaviour.
  • U18 Events & Activities have been funded by the Community Safety Partnership.


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