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Chief Executive's Department

Executive Office - Corporate Policy

The Corporate Policy Service consists of the Corporate Policy Manager, Corporate Policy Officer and the Performance Monitoring Officer.  It is one of the service areas within the Executive Office in the Chief Executive’s Department, and the Corporate Policy Manager reports to the Head of Executive Office.  In terms of formal reporting, the Corporate Policy Service reports primarily to the Comhairle’s Policy and Resources Committee and the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.  

The Corporate Policy Service is responsible for:

  • The review, monitoring and reporting of the Comhairle’s Corporate Strategy.
  • Coordinating the Comhairle’s Service Business Planning process.
  • Performance Monitoring and Quarterly Reporting.  
  • Public Performance Reporting.
  • E-Sgìre – the Comhairle’s Communities Portal  
  • Management and development of Interplan (the Comhairle’s online performance management system), including training and support.
  • European Policy and Funding.
  • Briefing and consultation responses in subject areas of relevance to the service.  
  • Supporting Corporate Best Value and Self Evaluation.  

Service Business Planning

In consultation with Corporate Management Team and Heads of Service, the service will:

  • Issue yearly service business plan guidance and provide support to departments as required.  
  • Coordinate the submission of yearly service business plans.
  • Ensure that these are aligned to the Corporate Strategy and the Single Outcome Agreement.
  • Ensure that these plans are input on Interplan and reported on quarterly, internally and externally.   
  • Ensure that quarterly and end of year business plan progress reports are produced and made available online and to external parties as appropriate.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The service will:

  • Help to embed a performance management culture in the Comhairle by ensuring that all services produce meaningful, accurate and reliable performance information, on a quarterly basis.  
  • Issue guidance and implement an effective system and timeline to ensure that external reporting of the Comhairle’s SPI/LPI information is quality assured, prior to submission to Audit Scotland, and presented on time. 
  • In consultation with Heads of Service and their teams, determine which SPIs/LPIs the Comhairle will report on externally, on a yearly basis.
  • Chair and provide the secretariat for the Performance Monitoring Group and report its business to Corporate Management Team. 
  • Produce, with the help of service areas, an annual Public Performance Report, and make it available to the public though a variety of media.
  • Produce quarterly and end of year Performance reports for Elected Members and for the web site. 
  • Engage with other local authorities through the Scottish Local Authorities Performance Group.

European Policy and Funding

The service will:

  • Ensure that the Comhairle and partners lobby at regional, Scottish, UK and EU level to secure maximum draw down of EU funds to the region from the EU Structural Funds and the Rural Development Funds 2014-2020.  
  • Participate in and continue to monitor and evaluate European Policy and Programme development and implementation 2014-2020.
  • Promote a lead role for the Comhairle in the delivery of EU funding at local level 2014-2020.

Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) – Outer Hebrides

The Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) – Outer Hebrides, aims to provide assistance, advice, information, on matters relating to the European Union, and also allows for an expression of views from local residents on matters relating to the European Union.

Corporate Strategy 2012-17

The service has:

  • In consultation with Corporate Management Team, Elected Members, the public and other stakeholders, assisted in the development of a new Corporate Strategy for the period 2012-17.
  • The Comhairle’s Corporate Strategy is aligned to the Outer Hebrides Single Outcome Agreement 2011-13 and meets Scottish Government’s national priorities through seven Local Outcomes.
  • Responsibility for monitoring, reviewing and reporting on the Corporate Strategy on an annual basis.

Best Value

The service will provide support to the Head of Executive Office in implementing corporate Best Value, as required.   


In consultation with the Performance Monitoring Group, the service will:

  • Support levels of usage and proficiency within the Comhairle which will assist quarterly reporting.  
  • Support the roll out of training where assistance is required to officers and Elected Members.  
  • Ensure the integrity of performance information on Interplan for the purposes of performance reporting.


Name: Angus Murray
Address: Corporate Policy Manager
Chief Executive's Department
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Sandwick Road
Isle of Lewis
Phone: 01851 822616 or
01851 600 501 ext. 212218


Name: Linda Cunningham
Address: Corporate Policy Officer
Chief Executive's Department
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Sandwick Road
Isle of Lewis
Phone: 01851 822616 or
01851 600 501 ext. 211393)