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Europe Direct Information Centre - Outer Hebrides

The Comhairle now hosts a Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC), which aims to provide a one stop shop for all matters relating to the European Union, shaped around local and regional priorities.

The general public can obtain information, advice, assistance, and answers to their questions on the European Union.

Here are some examples of what we can provide you with:

  • Information regarding  European Union (EU) policies, programmes, and institutions
  • Internet access to EU websites
  • EU resource teaching materials
  • Copies of publications, brochures, and guides
  • Information on your rights as an EU citizen
  • Information on the EU2020 Growth Strategy
  • Information on EU legislation
  • Information on EU funding opportunities

The overall aim of the Europe Direct Information Centre – Outer Hebrides, is not only to provide local citizens with easy access to information on the EU, but also to enable them to make known and exchange their views on any areas of EU activity, particularly relating to those having a local impact.

The EDIC network in the UK is managed directly by the European Commission Representation in the UK, and there are another two information centres located in Scotland (Aberdeen and Edinburgh) that you could also visit.

Location and Contact details

The Comhairle hosts the Europe Direct Information Centre facility on the ground floor of the building in Stornoway, in a sign posted room to the right of the reception area.

Visitors can report to the Comhairle main reception area where they will be redirected to the EDIC which is staffed by the Europe Direct Information Centre – Outer Hebrides Manager  (Mrs Linda Cunningham).

The centre’s opening hours are every weekday morning from 9am-1pm.

There is also a telephone / email answering service provided out with the opening hours.

The Europe Direct Information Centre contact details are as follows:


Europe Direct information centre – Outer Hebrides,
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar,
Sandwick Road ,
Isle of Lewis

Phone: External: 01851 822830

Europe Direct Information Centre Survey

If you have used the services of the Europe Direct information centre – Outer Hebrides could you please take a moment to complete the central survey regarding your level of satisfaction with the service.
The survey is completely anonymous.
Please access the survey at the following link:

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