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Chief Executive's Department

Human Resources - Organisational Development

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

As the Comhairle continues to embed a performance management culture, all services are encouraged to monitor their respective business plans on Interplan , and update accurately their progress at each quarter. This ensures that services provide meaningful and reliable performance information which underpins the performance reporting presentations made by the Chief Executive and Directors to Service Committees and Policy and Resources Committee, at the end of each quarter.    

The Comhairle’s Corporate Strategy 2012-17  sets out the strategic direction for the Comhairle for the next council term. For the first time, it is aligned closely with the Outer Hebrides Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) and will be monitored throughout the year, reported on annually, and reviewed thereafter. The SOA Annual Reports provides a list of the high level indicators that the Partners use to measure the outcome of each priority and advise the direction of travel. Service Business Plans  are also aligned to the Corporate Strategy and progress will be reported on quarterly as usual.

Public Performance Reporting

The service, with the help of other service areas and the inter-departmental Performance Monitoring Group, produces an annual Public Performance Report .  The service also provides more comprehensive Service Business Plan Progress Reports throughout the year that are made available to the public on the web site, at each quarter and at the end of the year. Additional performance information can be accessed through the hyperlinks under the following three Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs) that have been defined by the Accounts Commission, the public spending watchdog for local government:

SPI 1 (Corporate Management): Each Council will report a range of information sufficient to demonstrate that it is securing Best Value in relation to:

2010-16 Corporate Management Performance Report (PDF, 233K)

SPI 2 (Service Performance): Each Council will report a range of information sufficient to demonstrate that it is securing Best Value in providing the following services (in partnership with others where appropriate):

2010-16 Service Performance Report (PDF, 520K)

SPI 3 (Benchmarking) : Each council will report its performance in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

Accounts Commission Evaluation of Public Performance Reporting

Community Engagement

E-Sgire LogoE-Sgìre   is a communities website and one of a series of complementary initiatives which seeks to improve the Comhairle's community engagement and helps to fulfil its statutory obligations with regard to reporting its performance publicly.