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SPI1 - Assets

The Comhairle produces an annual Public Performance Report in the format of a calendar, and circulated through schools and other media.  More comprehensive Service Business Plan Progress Reports are also produced throughout the year for Elected Members and for the web site, at each quarter and at the end of the year. 

Please click on the following hyperlinks to access the Comhairle’s asset management information: -

The Comhairle’s Property Asset Management Plan 2013 – 18 (PDF, 1.4M) was approved June 2013.  It sets out that we will manage our assets efficiently and effectively to support the delivery of our service and corporate strategic priorities.

To demonstrate this, six performance outcomes have been developed for all property assets.  Three of the strategic outcomes historically have been reported via the SPI process with the three new outcomes to be reported internally through the Comhairle’s Committee series. 

Commencing in 2014/15 all property outcomes will be published on the Comhairle’s internet and updated annually.
Asset Management is reported at every committee series, including the disposal of surplus assets.

SPI 1.4 ľ Assets LPIs 2015/16 (PDF, 184K)

Project Progress Reports

January 2017