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Local Government Benchmark Framework

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SPI3 - Benchmarking

The Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) brings together a wide range of information about how all Scottish councils perform in delivering better services to local communities.  The indicators used were selected to cover the major service areas of local authorities and provide information on cost, performance or achievement, and customer satisfaction.  You can explore and download the national benchmarking data by clicking on each category hyperlink below or view the Local Perspective report.  A National report is also produced each year and will be published as they become available.

Children's Services
Children's Services – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF, 151K)

Adult Social Care
Adult Social Care – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF, 95K)

Culture and Leisure Services
Culture and Leisure Services – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF, 98K)

Environmental Services
Environmental Services – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF, 117K)

Corporate Services
Corporate Services – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF,102K)

Economic Development
Economic Development – A local perspective 2015/16 (PDF, 138K)

LGBF National Benchmarking Reports

The information for all 32 Scottish Councils, including Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, has also been pulled together on a new national website. You can access this website by clicking on mylocalcouncil or the icon below.

Benchmark Framework Website

Scottish Councils are working together in ‘family groups’ to report standard information on the services they provide to local communities across Scotland. This information covers how much councils spend on particular services and, where possible, service performance. The key point is that all the information provided is in a standard and therefore comparable form. Members of the public can also compare the Comhairle’s cost and service performance to previous years and with any or all of the other Scottish Local Authorities on the LGBF Public Dashboard

The Scottish Local Government Innovation Exchange

On 17 March 2017, SOLACE Scotland and the Improvement Service launched the Local Government Innovation Exchange, a website bringing together information on many of the innovative projects being taken forward by Scottish local authorities in order to share good practice and improve service delivery. Click on the link above to read Comhairle nan Eilean Siarĺs case studies, or copy and paste the following web page link into your web browser:


Insight, a new online benchmarking tool, is being developed by the Scottish Government and its partners to help analyse, compare and improve the learning and teaching of pupils in the senior phase. First released in September 2014, it is available to all teaching staff in secondary schools, local authorities and Education Scotland to enable them to recognise areas of success, as well as identify where improvements can be made. Aspects of Insight have been used in the Parentzone Scotland website.

It is envisaged that the Data from Insight’s four measures will feed into the LGBF to strengthen local authority benchmarking.

In the meantime, you can read more information about Insight by clicking on the links below:

Scotland’s Social Services

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) was approved by the Scottish Parliament as an Official Statistics provider in 2012.  Scottish Social Services Workforce Data is a unique, free to use, online resource providing the public with all the workforce data and reports that the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) publish on the social services sector in Scotland. 

Interactive Visualisation Tool
Scottish Social Service Sector: Report on 2014 Workforce Data

Community Planning

The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership has renewed its membership of the Scottish Community Safety Network (SCSN). This facilitates self-evaluation and benchmarking.  SCSN is the national forum for officers who are responsible for the strategic development of community safety at both local and national level. Their website is for knowledge exchange among those working in the community safety field.

Other benchmarking information

The new Welfare Reform Data Dashboard from the Improvement Service brings together key data on welfare reform from NOMIS, DWP and Scottish Government in one place and provides local authority and neighbourhood (data zone) level indicators in a number of areas.

The Improvement Service is leading on the development of a Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAPMF) for local authorities in Scotland as part of the Improving Outcomes in Money Advice Project in partnership with the Money Advice Service. Throughout the research phase of the project, which involved all 32 local authorities in Scotland, the need for consistency in reporting and measuring money advice performance was highlighted. The ‘Scottish Local Authorities MAPMF: 2014/15 data analysis report’ is the first of three annual data analyses. Future versions will seek to improve consistency in reporting.

MAPMF: Eilean Siar

The Comhairle are part of the Local Environmental Audit and Management System (LEAMS), a Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) benchmarking group which offers independent, external monitoring to local authorities in order that they can establish levels of cleanliness in their areas and meet obligations under Best Value by: Establishing a base-line standard for street cleanliness; Providing a method of self-monitoring to assess continuous service improvement; Facilitating independent monitoring by neighbouring local authorities; KSB performing an annual independent validation audit; and Distributing and sharing best practice. As per the LEAMS National Benchmark Report (2014/15), the Comhairle obtained a LEAMS Street Cleanliness Score of 96%.

Council performance information 2001/02 – 2012/13

Council performance information 2001/02 – 2012/13, by Service (allows comparison of performance between all 32 Scottish Councils

Planning Authority Performance Statistics - 2013/14 – Annual