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Chief Executive's Department

Malcolm Burr

Malcolm Burr, Chief Executive


The Chief Executive’s Department is the corporate hub of the Comhairle, supporting the political structures of the Comhairle and ensuring it meets its strategic objectives and operational challenges.

The Chief Executive’s Department comprises the following services:

  • Chief Executive’s Office
  • Devolved Services in Uist and Barra
  • Executive Office
  • Human Resources


Chief Executive’s Department supports the political and decision-making structures of the Comhairle and seeks to ensure that it meets its strategic objectives and operational challenges. The Department is responsible for the core functions of Legal Services, Democratic Services, Human Resources, Organisational Development, Corporate Communications, European Policy, Elections, Business Planning, Performance Management, Public Performance Reporting, Emergency Planning and Risk Management, and Best Value.

The Department works with other Departments of the Comhairle to:

  • ensure that the Comhairle receives sound policy advice;
  • supports the Comhairle’s role as lead Community Planning Partner; and
  • supports the highest standards of corporate governance.


Chief Executive's Service Business Plan

Comhairle’s Communications Strategy

Corporate Strategy