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Education and Children's Services

Current Consultation Documents

Department of Education Current Consultations
Current Consultations Organisation Response Deadline

Review of Education Provision:  Lionel School S1-S2

Consultation Report (PDF, 630K)


A: Proposal Document for for Lionel School (S1-2) (PDF, 1.2M)

B: Note of Public Meeting (PDF, 1.3M)

C: Initial Equality and Diversity Impact Assessmentv (PDF, 1.2M)

D: Education Scotland (HMI) Report (PDF, 1M)

E: Representations Received



CnES -

Proposal to Revise the Catchment Boundary for Leverhulme Memorial School and Sir E Scott School

Leverhulme and Sir E Scott Catchment Area Proposal (PDF, 709K)



CnES Friday, 23 January 2015
by 5:00pm


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