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FAQS for Events and Exhibitions

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Events, Festivals, Galleries and Exhibitions

Events, festivals, galleries and exhibitions

Q: How can I get a guide to forthcoming arts events, festivals and exhibitions in the Outer Hebrides?  
Please refer to the Arts Event and Festivals and Galleries and Exhibitions webpages.

Q: Where can I look at and buy art work by local artists and crafts people?  
Please refer to Made in the Outer Hebrides

Q: Where can I find details of Art Galleries in the Outer Hebrides?  
Please refer to the Galleries and Exhibitions webpage.

Q: Where can I find contact details for local arts and cultural organisations?  
Please refer to the Cultural Directory webpage.

Q: Where can I find a list of venues that can be booked or hired?  
Please refer to the venues section of the Cultural Directory or search the Outer Hebrides Business Directory


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