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FAQS for Education - grants - free school meals

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Education - grants - free school meals

Free school meals are provided for children whose families are in receipt of social security benefits such as income support or income based job seeker's allowance.

Q: What benefits can I get for my child to assist them attend school?  
You may be eligible for an education maintenance allowance, free school meals, free school transport, disabled student allowance, a school clothing allowance and, for students who wish to stay on for 6th year at secondary school, there is also access grant funding available.

Q: Can I have my Free School Meals entitlement backdated?  
No, free school meals entitlement is granted from the date the application is processed. However, if valid proof of receipt of a qualifying benefit can be presented with your free school meals application to the school, entitlement can start immediately.

Q: For how long will my child receive free school meals?  
Subject to parents continuing to be in receipt of qualifying benefits, children attending school will receive free school meals from primary 1 to sixth year at secondary school.

Q: How do I arrange free school meals for my children?  
An application form is available to download from the following web page. Forms can also be obtained from schools and Comhairle Area Offices.

Q: How will the school know my child is eligible for Free School Meals?  
If you qualify for free school meals we will write to the school to inform them of this. Meals will be provided from the first day of the school year for applications submitted during the summer break. For applications received after school commences, meals will be provided as soon as possible. Schools will be constantly updated during the year with new applications that have been granted.

Q: I get Working Families Tax Credit. Can I get free meals for my child/children?  
If you receive Working Tax Credit below £6,420 you can get free meals for your child/children. You also qualify if you are in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based) or in receipt of Child Tax Credit only and your annual income is less than £15,860.

Q: I want to apply for free school meals for my three children. Do I need to complete an application form for each child?  
No, there is space to apply for free school meals for five children on the application form.

Q: The secondary school that my child/children attend operates a swipe card system. How do they get their free meal?  
Your child's card will be credited with the cost of a free meal per day. This is put on their card after the morning break.


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