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Harbour Master

Notices to Mariners

Hebrides Range

The following Navigational Warning will be in place next week. Planned firing days are Tue, Thu and Fri – any changes to that will be notified.

Live weapons firings 09:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC, 15th July through to and including 1st Aug ;2014, will take place, within a ;circular area of 38 NM miles radius, centred on 57:27.1N 008:57.9W

Shipping is warned that this is an extremely hazardous areas.

All vessels are requested to vacate the area during the above period. If vessels intend entering the hazard area, they should contact Hebrides Range Control on VHF Ch 16 or the Range Controller via telephone number 01870 604449 ,for advice.

A maritime patrol aircraft shall be in operation, to support firings and shipping is requested to comply with any instructions, given by the aircraft.

A co-ordination Briefing will be held each morning at 0915 hrs and anyone wishing a daily update is welcome to call/e-mail after 0945 hrs to get an update on the daily plan.

Lena Macpherson - Range Controller, Hebrides Range
Direct: 01870 604449
Mobile: 07827820263