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Harbour Master

Notices to Mariners

Hebrides Range - Live Firing Activities

1. Live firing activities will take place on Hebrides MoD Range during the following periods:

Date Times Activity Area

11 Sep-3 Oct 14



Circle of radius 37 NMs centered on 57:30.2 N 09:00.8 W
Note:  No planned weekend working

11-17 Sep 14


Mistral Firing

SEMI – CIRCLE of radius 8.1 NMs centered on 57:21.4 N 07:24.5W
Note:  No weekend working


2. It is mandatory that vessels in the vicinity of the Range keep a listening watch on VHF Channel 16.

3. Further information can be obtained by telephoning the “24 Hr Hebrides Information Helpline” on 01870 604333. The number will provide specific information about
active/non-active. Alternatively you can contact the Range Controller direct on 01870 604449 during working hours.


Lena MacPherson
Range Controller
Tel:  01870 604449