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Harbour Master

Notices to Mariners

Stornoway Port Authority - Local Notice to Mariners No. 1/2015
Red Arrows Display

Mariners are advised that the Red Arrows RAF Display team will be performing above Stornoway Harbour on Monday 29th June 2015 starting at 1700 local time.

Dependent on weather conditions on the day, the aircraft will fly a heading between Cuddy Point and Arnish Point. The RAF have advised that for safety reasons they will require an exclusion zone in part of Stornoway Harbour.

Accordingly, mariners are required to avoid the area within the harbour to the west of a line between Sgier Poll nam Portain (58°12.40N 006°23.70W), Number 1 Pier linkspan (58°12.42N 006°23.51W), Holm Point (58°11.33N 006°21.15W) and Rubha a Baigh Uaine (58°10.50N 006° 22.62W) between the hours of 1630 and the end of the display, expected to be 1730 local time. (See Chart No. 1 (PDF 300k))

A safety broadcast will be made on VHF Channel 12 by “Stornoway Harbour” at the start and finish times of this notice, all vessels are requested to monitor VHF Ch 12 and 16 while within the harbour limits for the duration of the event.

Vessels with an air draught in excess of 50’ (15.2 metres) may be requested to temporarily relocate for the duration of the display.

This notice will expire on the 1 July 2015.

A J Morrison - Harbour Master
Harbour Office
Stornoway Port Authority
16 June 2015