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Harbour Master

Notice To Mariners

No. 08/2015: Lochmaddy Harbour, Isle Of North Uist, Western Isles, Scotland
Vallaquie Sectored Light.

Mariners are advised that the Sector Light at the approaches to Lochmaddy Harbour, Isle of North Uist is presently out of alignment.

Aton Details:

Aton Details
Name  Loch Maddy. Vallaquie Sectored Light.
Number 3998
Position  57 35.5 N        07 09.3 W

The North Channel, is out by almost a full sector. When in the red sector it is indicating you are in the white sector. When in the white sector it is indicating you are in the green sector.

The South Channel, I can confirm is out slightly, maybe 1 or 2 degrees.

Date: November 2nd 2015.


Contact Name: Iain Buchanan
Tel:  01851 822869  ext: 211274    Mob:  07827311501