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Harbour Master

Notices to Mariners

No. 13/2017 : Leverburgh Harbour, Isle Of Harris, Western Isles, Scotland


57 46.00 N  -  007 01.60 W

Leverburgh  Sectored P.E.L:

Mariners are advised that a new Port Entry Light has been installed at Leverburgh Harbour, Isle of Harris. 
(Sectored as follows - Oc.G > Fixed.G < Qf. G)

All seafarers are asked to exercise due caution at the Harbour entrance as this new AToN is in the commissioning stages and is not to be used for navigation purposes presently..

“It has been agreed during the consultation process both with users and the Northern Lighthouse Board that the light be Green and that the characters be fixed in the centre, quick flash to starboard, and occulting (more light than dark) to port.

On approaching the south cardinal buoy, the light will come into view. At this point the run to the light is just clear of the rocks, and relatively safe for small vessels except at very low tides. The vessel would then start a turn to starboard and round onto the light at which point it will show a fixed character. This is the safe line in for all vessels, clearing the port hand perch. If the light shows an occulting character the vessel has overshot the approach and a bolder turn should be made. If the light is lost from view the vessel is outside the safe navigable approach”


17 July 2017


Iain Buchanan
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