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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - Help

This page provides information relating to the operation, navigation and structure of CnES Web.

Should you have any problems or difficulties using CnES Web, please contact the Web Support Team at

Navigating the CnES website

The Task Panel

The tabbed panel below the banner at the top of each page provides acces to the most frequently visited areas of the website - the top tasks - alongside links to the main council service areas and on-line resources. The related A - Z provide a searchable list of links to council and related service information.

Right-hand Menus

In most cases, you will find a context-driven navigation menu on the right-hand side of each page. This provides navigation within the current section of the website. Having reached a section of interest, by way of the tabbed task panel or A- Z for example, the right-hand menu provides navigation within that section of the site, including access to related information such as documents and links.

Top Navigation

The navigation bar at the top of the pag provides access to some key website features such as the 'What's New', 'Public Notices', 'Council Services A to Z' and the 'Council Departments' listing.

Site Search

The main site search facility is located within the page banner, top-right of each page. Enter keywords related to the service area you are looking for and click 'Search!'. The search engine should find all pages relevant to your keywords.

Services A to Z

The Council Services A to Z is an indexed list of links to council and related service information. Click on the appropriate letter to list links indexed by said letter. Alternatively, clck 'Council Services A - Z' and use the 'A - Z Keyword Search' to searche across all A - Z entries, any council services associated with your search criteria will be listed. If no information is returned, try using a different word or phrase with a similar meaning, e.g., 'refuse' instead of 'rubbish'.


The "breadcrumb", located just below the banner at the top of a page, shows where you are located within the site by way of an expanding series of links. For example, the breadcrumb "CnES Home / Jobs and careers / Jobs at the council [ Council vacancies ]" indicates that you are viewing the "Council Vacancies" page within the "Jobs at the council" section, which lies within the main "Jobs and careers" section of the site. You can use the links within the breadcrumb to navigate back through the site hierarchy.


Documents on the CnES website

The majority of documents on CnES Web are provided either in Adobe Acrobat PDF PDF Document Icon or Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Document Icon format. Some documents are provided as Mircosoft Excel Microsoft Excel Icon or Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Powerpoint Icon files.

To view PDF documents you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get Adobe Reader

or a compatible alternative.

If you don't already have Microsoft Word installed, to view documents in Word format you will need a copy of the Word Viewer - download the Word viewer.

If you don't already have Microsoft Excel installed, to view documents in Excel format you will need a copy of the Excel Viewer - download the Excel viewer.

If you don't already have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, to view documents in PowerPoint format you will need a copy of the PowerPoint Viewer - download the Powerpoint viewer.



Details of how CnES supports website accessibility are available on the accessibility page.


Web Standards and Browsers

CnES Web has been designed to conform to Web Standards. This means that the site and it's features should render in all web browsers and degrade gracefully in older, untested browsers.

You should see the best results using the most recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The CnES website has been tested using the following browsers:-

  • Google Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Firefox (Latest Version)
  • MS Internet Explorer 9 and above