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Housing Services

Energy and Insulation Schemes on the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides has benefited from a number of Insulation and Energy Saving schemes over the last ten years. Insulation standards have changed and the cost of energy has increased at approximately double the rate of inflation. Government targets are to get all homes insulated to a modern standard and also to increase the number of houses using renewable heating systems.

There are three ways of reducing the impact of energy costs:

  • Make sure the cheapest and most suitable tariff is being used
  • Make sure households are claiming all the income they are entitled to
  • Get more efficient heaters, increase insulation levels and control draughts

Current schemes are:

  • Universal Home Insulation Scheme funded by the Scottish Government and the Comhairle and delivered by Tighean Innse Gall. Assistance and advice on cavity wall and roof insulation, boiler replacement vouchers and draft-proofing.

    Contact phone number: 0800 512 012

  • Energy Assistance Package funded by the Scottish Government. Qualifying households can get insulation fitted by Taigh Blath and new heating systems through Scottish Gas.
    Contact phone number:  0800 512 012

Advice on energy issues is available from:

Energy Saving Scotland
Phone 0800 512 012

Taigh Blath
Phone 01851 704300

Energy information is available from Sustainable Uist
Phone 01870 603 863



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