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  • Health and Social Care Integration
  • The EDIC - Outer Hebrides provides assistance, advice and information on matters relating to the EU...
  • Information and advice about child protection, keeping children and young people safe from harm...
  • Comhairle Budget 2016-18
  • Blue Badge Scheme
  • Ward Priority Fund
  • Have You Ever Considered Fostering?
  • Comhairle Budget 2016-18

    Comhairle Budget

    The Comhairle has agreed its 2015/16 budget and the Budget Book for 2015/16 has now been published...

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  • Consultation on Provisions for a Future Islands Bill

    Consultation on Provisions for a Future Islands Bill

    Give your views on plans for more power and protection for Scotland's islands...

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  • Fifth Reviews of Local Government Electoral Arrangements - Public Consultation of Proposals for Ward Boundaries

    Consultation : Ward Boundaries

    Local people and interested parties are invited to comment on proposals for ward boundaries in each council area...

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  • Winter Maintenance pages

    Winter Maintenance

    Information on maintenance of the public road network in winter conditions...

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  • Ready for Winter?

    Ready for Winter?

    Preparing for and dealing with emergencies.

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  • Kids In The Car Campaign

    "Kids In The Car" Campaign

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is pleased to be supporting Road Safety Scotland’s “Kids in the Car” campaign....

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  • Corporate Strategy Consultation

    Corporate Strategy Consultation

    The Comhairle seeks views on Corporate Strategy as part of Full Review..

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  • Health and Social Care Integration

    Health and Social Care Integration

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and NHS Western Isles are in the process of establishing a Health and Social Care Partnership...

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  • Self-Directed Support

    Self-Directed Support

    Self-Directed Support is about how your support plan is put into action so that you receive the help you need...

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  • Faclair Airson Riaghaltas Ionadail

    Faclair Airson Riaghaltas Ionadail

    Faclair Gàidhlig / Beurla airson Riaghaltas Ionadail...

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