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  • OHCPP Place Standard Survey

    OHCPP Place Standard Survey

    How good is your community? What do you think about where you live?...

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  • Active and Sustainable Travel Survey

    Active and Sustainable Travel Survey

    A survey as part of the Path’s For All funded “Smarter Travel” initiative...

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  • Comhairle Budget 2016-18

    Comhairle Budget

    The Comhairle agreed its 2016/17 budget on 17 February 2016...

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  • Crofting Commission Elections 2017

    Crofting Commission Elections

    The next election will be held in 2017...

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  • Winter Maintenance pages

    Winter Maintenance

    Information on maintenance of the public road network in winter conditions...

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  • Ready for Winter?

    Ready for Winter?

    Preparing for and dealing with emergencies.

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  • Doorstoppers Campaign

    Doorstoppers Campaign

    Help combat the problem of rogue traders who prey on vulnerable groups of consumers, especially the elderly and those living alone...

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  • Self-Directed Support

    Self-Directed Support

    Self-Directed Support is about how your support plan is put into action so that you receive the help you need...

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  • Help for Refugees

    Help for Refugees: Feel You Want To Help?

    Please let us know if you wish to donate time, skills, goods or other practical help to refugees arriving in the Outer Hebrides...

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  • Have You Ever Considered Fostering?

    Have You Ever Considered Fostering?

    Be a foster carer and change lives forever...

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  • Kids In The Car Campaign

    "Kids In The Car" Campaign

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is pleased to be supporting Road Safety Scotland’s “Kids in the Car” campaign....

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