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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Council Members

Ward Member

Ward 01
Barraigh, Bhatarsaigh, Eiriosgaigh agus Uibhist a Deas

Donald Manford
Ronald MacKinnon
David Blaney
Donnie Steele
Ward 02
Beinn na Faoghla Agus Uibhist A Tuath
Uisdean Robertson
Andrew Walker
Neil MacDonald Beaton
Ward 03
Na Hearadh Agus Ceann A Deas Nan Loch
Miss Catherine Macdonald
Philip R Mclean
Donald John MacRae
Ward 04
Sgir’ Uige Agus Ceann A Tuath Nan Loch
Norman A Macdonald (Convener)
'Cudig' MacLeod
Angus Morrison
Ward 05
Sgire An Rubha
Zena Stewart
Alasdair MacLeod
Norman M Macleod
Ward 06
Steornabhagh A Deas
Charlie Nicolson
Angus Mccormack
Angus Campbell (Council Leader)
Rae MacKenzie
Ward 07
Steornabhagh A Tuath
Iain Mackenzie
Roddie Mackay
Iain MacLean MacAulay
Gordon Murray
Ward 08
Loch A Tuath
Catriona Stewart
John A Maciver
Donald F Crichton
Ward 09
An Taobh Siar Agus Nis
Kenneth MacLeod
John Mackay
Iain Morrison
Alistair Maclennan