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Services Online

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The promotion of on-line access to council services is an important objective within Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

This is currently supported by the provision of relevant information; downloadable and on-line forms; and interactive web-based tools.

This section brings togteher a list of services that are significant elements of our electronic services delivery portal.

Electronic Services Delivery (ESD)

  • Transport - Paying a Parking Fine


Externally Supported Services

The following services are now wholly or partially under the control of the Hebridean Housing Partnership.

  • Housing - Applying for a house
  • Housing - Enquiring about the status of a repair
  • Housing - Making an enquiry about status on waiting list (including points)
  • Housing - Requesting a repair
  • Housing Rent - making a payment
  • (Housing - Requesting general information and advice)


Unsupported Services

The following services are not provided by CnES.

  • Pest Control - Reporting general instances of pest infestation
  • Pest Control - Requesting a service to deal with pests (including making payment where appropriate)


Internal Services

  • Education - Recording pupil attendance in schools
  • Education - Transferring pupil information between schools