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Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2)

LDP2 Proposed Plan (and associated documents)

The Proposed Plan takes account of views made on the Main Issues Report and extensive engagement and represents the Comhairle’s settled view as to what the final content of the adopted plan should be.

The Comhairle published the following documents for public consultation in January 2017.

LDP2 Proposed Plan (PDF, 3.2M)

Associated Maps:
LDP Context Map (PDF, 3.6M)
LDP Strategy Map (PDF, 5.5M)

Draft Action Programme (PDF, 490K)
Proposal Sites Booklet (PDF, 7.2M)
Strategic Environmental Assessment – Revised Environmental Report (PDF, 4.7M)

Proposed Plan Consultation Responses

Following consultation on the Proposed Plan, 42 representations were received. View the full representations to the LDP2 Proposed Plan - Representations

The Proposed Plan was submitted to Scottish Minsters for Examination on 31st July 2017. The examination will consider unresolved resolved representations received during the period of consultation on the Proposed Plan.

The examination of the Proposed Plan is external from the Comhairle and will be administered through the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA). Updates on the examination will be made on the DPEA website and also reported on our Examination Page, where the process is explained in more detail.

LDP2 Process

Preparation of the Local Development 2 began in 2013 , the key stages can be viewed at:
LDP2: Preparation and Key Stages.


For further information please contact  the Development Plan team on 01851 822690 or e-mail