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Planning Service

Development Plan

Local Development Plan

On 9th November 2012 the Comhairle adopted the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan. This replaces and supersedes the Western Isles Local and Structure Plans.

The Comhairle is currently preparing the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan 2, which will supersede the current adopted Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan in due course.

Supplementary Guidance

As part of the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan the Comhairle has adopted
Statutory Supplementary Guidance

National Planning Policy

The Scottish Government is reviewing two documents which are key to the operation of the Scottish planning system.

The National Planning Framework (NPF) sets the context for development planning. It provides a framework for the spatial development of Scotland as a whole for the next 20-30 years.

Scottish Planning Policy is a statement of Scottish Government policy on nationally important land use matters. These matters include economic development, housing and renewables. It also sets out the desired outcomes from the planning system, including the creation of high quality sustainable places, and increased sustainable economic growth.

The Scottish Government is committed to encouraging interest and involvement in the preparation of both the NPF and SPP. Information on the reviews, including key documents and dates of public consultation events, can be found on the Scottish Government Website.

Development Plan Consultations

The adopted Local Development Plan points to a number of additional topics that will be covered by further Supplementary Guidance.  Draft versions of these documents will be subject to consultation as they are in preparation. 

Details of On-going Consultations

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