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Planning Service

Do I need planning permission? (Permitted Development)

There are various types of development, and these are governed by various pieces of legislation and regulations.
Some types of development may not require to go through the planning application process and are ‘deemed granted’ by orders or directions – these are generally referred to as permitted development rights.

The most commonly used permitted development rights are for domestic properties and are called householder permitted development.
The most recent regulations can be found at the following link:
The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2011

The legislation can be difficult to follow, and the Government has created a number of documents to make the permitted development rights easier to understand.

One of the most helpful is Guidance on Householder Permitted Development Rights

As the document is quite long they have also provided flowcharts to take you through the process for different kinds of development, from extending your house to putting up decking. It is important to remember that the flowcharts aren’t definitive and you should still contact the Comhairle Planning Service for more detailed advice.

If you are unsure whether your proposals require planning permission or if your development is not householder development – such as business or industrial development; changes of use of land, caravans or temporary buildings – please contact the Comhairle’s Planning Service on 01851 822 690 or email