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Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan (LDP)

Local Development Plan 2 – Working Towards A New Plan

The Comhairle has now reached the next stage in the preparation of the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan 2 with the publication of the Proposed Plan and unresolved issues being submitted to Scottish ministers for Examination.

Meantime, the current Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan remains as statutory policy.

Programming of future LDP work is set out in the Development Plan Scheme

Local Development Plan - Current Plan

On 9th November 2012 the Comhairle adopted the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan and associated statutory Supplementary Guidance, as the adopted Development Plan to guide development in the Outer Hebrides. This replaces and supersedes the Western Isles Local and Structure Plans.

The Plan along with associated documents is available to view below:

Statutory Supplementary Guidance

The Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan includes the following statutory Supplementary Guidance. This Supplementary Guidance aims to assist applicants with aspects of detailed planning matters:

The Comhairle has adopted revised new Supplementary Guidance for Wind Energy Development. This Guidance covers all scales of wind energy and all sizes of turbines.

Action Programme

On 6th December 2012 the Comhairle adopted the Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan Action Programme (PDF, 2.4M). This sets out how the Plan’s policies and proposals will be implemented.

In line with legislative requirements the Action Programme was reviewed and updated in 2014, Action Programme Review 2014 (PDF, 650K). and again in 2017, Action Programme Second Review 2017 (PDF, 825k).

Current LDP Related Documents and Processes

Local Development Plan Process

Preparation of the current Local Development Plan began in 2009 and the key stages can be viewed at
LDP : Preparation and Key Stages


For further information please contact  the Development Plan team on 01870 604990 or 01851 822690 or e-mail