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Private Landlord Registration

Licence Summary

This site provides landlords, tenants and agents with information concerning Landlord Registration in the Outer Hebrides.
To find out more about the Landlord Registration scheme, please follow the links on this page.  If you would simply like to speak to a Registration Officer, please Contact Us

Please download our Private Landlord Newsletter (PDF, 280K)


Who Has To Register

Anyone who owns residential property in Scotland which is let must apply to register with the local authority for the area where the property is located, unless they are covered by one of the exemptions (see below). It is the owner of the property who must register.


Exemptions apply to properties rather than to people. Exemptions include if the property is:

  • the only or main residence of the landlord, where there are not more than 2 lodgers
  • let under a crofting tenancy
  • occupied under a liferent
  • used for holiday lets only
  • let to members of the landlord’s family only
  • held by an executor for a period less than 6 months
  • possessed by a heritable creditor for a period less than 6 months

[ Full List of Exemptions ]


Registration is NOT considered valid until full payment is received.  Payment must be made when registering online through the Scottish Government Registration website.  If you wish to submit a paper application, payment can be made via the Comhairle website's payment portal under 'Miscellaneous Payments', by telephone 01851 600 502, or by cheque / cash at a Customer Service Point.

How Do I Register?

Register online at the Scottish Government's Landlord Registration site. 


Complete an application form:

Application for the register of Private Landlords (PDF, 176K)

Advertising Properties

From 1 June 2013 landlords will have a duty to include certain information in advertisements. To prevent unregistered landlords from advertising their properties, The Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011 will require that all adverts for properties for let must include the landlord registration number or, in the case of landlords whose application is yet to be determined, the phrase ‘landlord registration pending’.

Reusable ‘To Let’ boards are exempt from this due to the costs for landlords. Where there is more than one owner of a property, only one landlord registration number needs to be included in the advertisement.

For a registered landlord the sanction for failing to include a registration number is that they may be removed from the register. For an applicant whose application is yet to be determined, the sanction is that the application may be refused.

Tenant Information Pack 

The tenant information pack provides important information to tenants who rent their homes privately. From 1 May 2013, landlords have a legal duty to provide new tenants with this pack. A tenant information pack will not be required for existing leases.

The tenant information pack is a standardised pack which provides information property condition, tenancy agreements, and the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.  The landlord or letting agent must provide their details on the first page of the pack, and the tenant must be provided with the pack by the tenancy start date. The pack can be provided in hard copy or electronically.  The pack must be signed by the tenant and the landlord, unless it is sent or acknowledged by email.

The pack is not part of the tenancy agreement but sets out important information that is relevant to tenants and landlords. Tenants and landlords should refer to their lease for more specific information on their tenancy.  

[ Tenant Information Pack (PDF) ]