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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Finance and Corporate Resources


Procurement Policy and Guide

TheComhairle approved an updated Procurement Policy in 2013. The objective of the Policy is to ensure a consistent, efficient and best practice approach to procurement across the Comhairle. The aims of the Policy are to:

  • Ensure that all individuals involved in the procurement of works, goods and services have a clear understanding of what is required of them;
  • Protect the Comhairle and the officers involved from the considerable risks associated with procurement not being properly conducted; and
  • Ensure the outcomes as detailed in the Comhairle's Procurement Strategy are achieved.

Procurement Policy (PDF, 55K)

The Comhairle approved a Sustainable Procurement Policy in 2013 which aims to:

  • Set the policy themes which underpin sustainable procurement;
  • Ensure that all individuals involved in the procurement of goods, works and services have a clear understanding of their role and what is required of them; and
  • Ensure the outcomes, as detailed in the Comhairle’s Procurement Strategy, are achieved.

Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF, 41K)

An action plan to promote sustainable procurement has been produced for 2013/14 using the Scottish Government's Flexible Framework.

Flexible Framework Action Plan (PDF,65K)

The Procurement Steering Group has approved a Procurement Guide which contains information on how procurement should be carried out. The guide uses the Scottish Government Procurement Journey as the process to be followed when a tendering exercise is required.

Procurement Guide (PDF, 90K)


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