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Zero Waste Western Isles

Community Clean Up Areas 2008

The following shows groups that have and will be carrying out sponsored clean ups throughout 2008.

Clean Up Areas
Organisation Location Date
Bernera Youth Club / School Bernera 26/04/2008
Western Isles Beach Clean up Mangersta Beach, Uig 26/04/2008
Lionel PTA Ness to Ballantrushal 03/05/2008
Point Junior Gaelic Choir Braighe 10/05/2008
Tolsta Chaolais Village Assoc Tolsta Chaolais 10/05/2008
Stornoway Running Club Willowglen, Cuddy Point, College 17/05/2008
GAIN Eoropie Beach, Ness 16/05/2008
Coisir Og a Bhac Back / Coll / Gress 24/05/2008
Balallan Croileagan Community Skip area 24/05/2008
Stornoway 2nd Cubs Castle Grounds 31/05/2008
Bhaltos Trust Valtos 31/05/2008
Dalmore (community wardens) Dalmore beach 01/06/2008
North Harris Community Council East Loch Tarbert Jun-08
Uig Art Attack Mealista - all beaches 14/06/2008
North Harris Trust Huisinis / Traigh Mhelein 16/06/2008
Carloway Youth Club Carloway / Dunne area 21/06/2008
North Lochs Community  Lochs hall and surrounding area 28/06/2008
Tolsta Chaolais Village Assoc Tolsta Chaolais shoreline 26/07/2008
Christians In Sport Castle Grounds 30/08/2008
The Gambia Project Castle Grounds 30/08/2008
Cromore Association  Cromore 30/08/2008
Tong Recreation Association Tong Village 25/10/2008
Broadbay Youth Voice Coll Beach & surrounding areas 21/10/2008
2nd Stornoway Scouts Canal Meadow (by Engees) 29/11/2008


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