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Zero Waste Western Isles

Community Clean Up Areas 2011

The following list shows the local organisations that have contributed their time and effort towards making their community a tidier and more environmentally friendly place to be, by organising Clean Up Campaigns in their areas.

Lewis and Harris

Clean Up Areas
Organisation Location Date
Knock Youth Club Aignish Beach & Shore 12/02/2011
Bridge Youth Club Castle Grounds 26/02/2011
Bhaltos Community Trust Valtos peninsula 19/03/2011
Western Isles Beach Clean Up Mangersta Beach 16/04/2011
Renigeadal Residents Renigeadal Village 23/04/2011
Tolsta Chaolais Village Association Tolsta Chaolais 30/04/2011
PTA, Lionel School Eoropie to Ballantrushal 07/05/2011
Barvas & Brue Youth Club Barvas Machair 14/05/2011
Stornoway Running & Athletic Club Castle Grounds/Mossend/Sandwick 14/05/2011
Bernera Youth Club Great Bernera 14/05/2011
North Harris Trust North Harris 06/06/2011
Baha'I Youth & Children Group Braighe Beach 25/06/2011
Tolsta Chaolais Village Association Tolsta Chaolais Shoreline 09/07/2011
North Lochs Community Association North Lochs 02/07/2011
The Gambia Trust Castle Grounds 13/08/2011


Uist and Barra

Clean Up Areas
Organisation Location Date
North Uist Playschemes Hougharry/Bird Reserve 16/04/2011
Balivanich Primary School Pol na Crann 19/04/2011
Creagorry Co-op Creagorry Area 01/05/2011
Paible School Bayhead, Balranald 12/05/2011
Eriskay Primary School Eriskay Township 14/05/2011
Berneray Development Group Berneray Township 16/05/2011
Tigh Sgire Sholais Sollas District 16/05/2011
Iochdar School Iochdar Township 21/05/2011
Cothron Limited Ormiclate Area 05/07/2011


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