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Zero Waste Western Isles

How can you help?

Reduce Reuse Recycle

The Waste Aware Campaign is designed to raise awareness of the 3R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle. Many people focus on the Recycle message but Reduce and Reuse are more important in minimisation of waste.

Reducing any waste generated should always the first option. This is the kindest to the environment as it eliminates the strain on precious natural resources. By Reducing waste the need for the other 2R’s is also removed.

Reusing anything that is no longer needed or is no longer suitable is the second of the 3R’s. Using items again and again or giving them different uses can be a fun and challenging exercise. It also helps Reduce the need for newer items and removes the need to Recycle.

Recycle is the last of the 3R’s and is the last resort in minimising waste. Recycling makes materials available that can then be reprocessed to make new items again helping to preserve natural resources. Recycled materials are often cheaper to produce than the new alternative.

Reduce Reuse Recycle can all have a positive impact in more than one area. In Reusing items you may also be Reducing the need for new ones. See an example! (PDF, 53Kb)

To find out more about the 3R’s follow on the links below.

As much as 80% of your rubbish can be recycled.

How you can help


60% of household waste is made up of organic material.

This can be recycled by putting it into your organic bin. Find out more about the organic collection.

Some organic waste can be recycled at home by composting.


There are over 50 recycling points in the Western Isles where you can deposit you cans, glass & paper.


There are many ways we can decrease the remaining 20% of our waste.

Find out more about how to Reduce   and Reuse   your waste.

Waste Aware Recycle Reuse