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Zero Waste Western Isles


Siar News

2014 - Winter Newsletter (PDF 1.9M)
2013 - Winter Newsletter (PDF 1M)
2012 - Winter Newsletter (PDF 1.2M)
2011 - Winter Newsletter (PDF 2.8M)
2010 - Winter Newsletter (PDF 805K)
2010 - Autumn Newsletter (PDF 1.5M)
2008 - Autumn/Winter Newsletter (PDF 1.2M)
2008 - Summer Newsletter (PDf 1M)
2008 - Spring Newsletter (PDF 3M)
2006 - Summer Newsletter (PDF 1M)
2006 - Spring Newsletter (PDF 2M)
2005 - Autumn Newsletter (PDF 1M)
2005 - Spring Newsletter (PDF 450K)


(The information in the historic newsletters was correct at the time of going to press, please refer to the latest newsletter for up to date information on the types of waste to be deposited in your bins and if you require any information please contact Zero Waste Western Isles on 01851 70 9900)


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