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School Aims

Iochdar School aims are based on QI’s (Quality Indicators) from the document ‘How Good is Our School’. These are benchmarks from this documentation which is used by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate to assess the performance of schools. 

Key Areas

CURRICULUM  Q.I.'s 1.1 & 1.2

We aim to:-
        provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is in line with national and regional policies ensuring continuity progression and integration.
·        provide planned and appropriate learning programmes with continuous assessment  both formal and informal.
·        ensure pupils acquire effective knowledge skills and understanding appropriate to their aptitude and ability including use of I.T.(Information Technology)


We aim to:-
·        motivate pupils to achieve the highest possible standards in terms of 5-14 levels of attainment.
·        encourage pupils to  evaluate their own work and to set high standards for themselves.

LEARNING and TEACHING  QI’s 3.1 – 3.6

We aim to:-
plan programmes of study and evaluate our learning and teaching practices on a regular basis
·        develop a whole school approach to planning and to the practice of homework.
·        utilise a variety of teaching methods and programmes of study to cater for the needs of the individual pupil and where appropriate formulate I.E.P’s – Individualised Educational Programmes.
ensure that information to parents is clear and concise with  parental participation in pupil learning encouraged.


We aim to:-
foster an atmosphere of co-operation, concern and tolerance within the classroom and the wider community of the school.
·        promote and, encourage positive attitudes and good behaviour among our pupils.
·        build children’s confidence and self-esteem by involving them in extra curricular activities.
·        ensure the five rules of Learning Support: consultancy, co-operative teaching, service to particular pupils, tutorial support and staff     development operate to provide an effective service to meet the continuity of pupil’s special needs.
·        ensure learning support is managed effectively including use of I.T. to support programmes, and that knowledge and understanding of legislation and procedures for implementation is clear.
·        participate effectively and efficiently in early intervention strategies.
·        work with the agencies concerned with the care and protection of our pupils.

 ETHOS QI’s  5.1 – 5.3

We aim to:-
create a bright and interesting school environment with attractive displays of pupils' work, well ordered, for work and leisure free from intimidation and unnecessary interruption.
·        welcome visitors taking appropriate account of safety and create a school of which pupils are proud and have a sense of belonging.
·        seek to encourage the moral, religious, social and personal development of all pupils and to build confidence and self-esteem.
·        foster good relationships by developing closer links with the local community, P.T.A and School Board.
·        ensure a partnership approach by establishing close links between home and school.
·        use praise and encouragement as a motivating factor in our school life.

RESOURCES  QI, 6.1 – 6.7

We aim to:-
·        provide a safe, pleasant and stimulating school environment with utilisation of pupils' work.
utilise finance in support of school planning, learning and teaching and in the provision of up to date resources.
·        make effective use of I.T. in our curriculum delivery.
·        use the environment to support teaching and learning.
·        maximise effectiveness of staff.
·        use career review to highlight staff development needs and encourage C.P.D. (Continuing Professional Development of staff.
·        give appropriate support to probationer members of staff.
·        keep School Board informed of spending plan.
·        have accurate costings relating to the School Development Plan.


We aim to:-
·        ensure staff are engaged in rigorous self -evaluation and that the findings are utilised for establishing areas of priority.
·        ensure teacher's plans and classroom practice are monitored.
·        ensure that pupils’ attainment is monitored.
·        ensure that School Development Plan is shared with pupils, parents and School Board.
·        ensure that Senior Staff have clear remits and are undertaken effectively.
·        ensure information is prompt and clear.


Bun Sgoil an Iochdair, Iochdar, South Uist, Western Isles, HS8 5RQ, Scotland
Tel 01870 610271 ~ Fax 01870 610388 ~ Email iochdarschool@eileansiar.biblio.net