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Social and Community Services

Community Care and Criminal Justice

Integration Joint Board

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 provides the legislative framework for the integration of health and social care services in Scotland.

  • It requires local authorities and health boards to integrate adult health and social care services – including some hospital services. It also provides the option locally to add-in children’s services, criminal justice and additional hospital based services.
  • The legislation requires Health Boards and Local Authorities to establish formal partnership arrangements to oversee the integration of services. Like most partnership areas, this has been done in the Western Isles through the creation of an Integration Joint Board (IJB), which is a partnership body designed to take decisions about how to invest resources and deliver services.
  • The IJB is not an organisation which employs members of staff but it does have the authority to direct the two parent bodies – the Health Board and Local Authority – about how it wants integrated services to be delivered.

Community Care

The Community Care Service Vision

Our Vision is to provide effective, efficient and well planned locally based services with our partners that provide improved outcomes for individuals and the communities we serve.

In order to be a progressive organisation that inspires confidence in the people who use our services, our staff and other stakeholders.

The values that underpin this vision are:

  • Valuing people
  • Providing leadership
  • Working together
  • Providing the highest quality service
  • Being inclusive
  • Promoting recovery

Our Aim

We aim to help people aged 16 and over to live more independently in their local communities and to find alternative care if they cannot live at home. We work with our partners to deliver high quality services that meet national standards, providing better outcomes that will positively impact on the lives of individuals, their families and carers.

Service Provision

Community Care Services are available to frail older people, people with dementia, physical disabilities, mental health problems, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, children with disabilities or a disabling illness and people who are terminally ill.

We deliver services across the Western Isles in people's homes, through our seven residential care homes and three care units, and in our resource centres for adults with learning or physical disabilities. We also give funding to a number of local organisations to help them provide independent services, such as lunch clubs, support for carers, Dementia Services and advocacy, as well as formal care providers, including three independent care homes on the islands

(Community Care Team )

Access to Services

When you Contact Community Care, a member of staff will discuss your situation with you and listen to your views on the kind of help you need. Further discussions may then become necessary, for example, with other professionals such as the Occupational Therapy service.  The Comhairle has a duty to assess an individual where it appears to it that a person may be in need of Community Care Services.  The assessment is based on "eligibility criteria", a framework for helping to ensure decision making is transparent, fair and consistent.

Depending on your particular needs and circumstances an assessment will be made. All requests for assistance are dealt with as promptly as possible. The needs of both carer and service user are individually assessed.
[  Care Assessment (PDF, 110K)]

If more information is required to make that assessment, it may be helpful to contact your GP, community nurse, and friends or relatives, subject to your consent.  Personal care plans are then drawn up.  Every effort is made to include both users and carers at the assessment stage and in the putting together of individual care plans.

After your assessment we will try to arrange the services that are best suited to you.  These may be provided by the Comhairle or by other agencies. If we are in a position to help you, your worker will discuss a care plan with you.

We may also need to contact other agencies, such as Hebridean Housing Partnership or NHS Western Isles.

If we are unable to offer help, your worker will explain why, and may be able to suggest alternative sources of support.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Social Work Services