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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Occupational Therapy Services In The Western Isles

Western Isles Occupational Therapy Service Website

What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services work in the hospitals and community to assess and support adults and children to overcome functional problems and live as independently as possible.

This might include a range of interventions e.g. advice on conditions, information or help to problem solve a particular issue, arrange adaptations to a person’s home, school or work environment, or provide equipment to make everyday tasks possible.

Occupational Therapists work in the areas listed below

Stroke & Neurology
Adaptations and Rehabilitation
Rheumatology & Hands
Community Equipment Service
Mental Health

The Assessment

During the assessment we will find out about the difficulties you are having with everyday living tasks.  If family or carers are looking after you we will also check whether they are having any difficulties in caring for you.  The next step is to work out ways to help you overcome or cope with the difficulties.

Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

  • Service users and their carers are entitled to an assessment of need and to be informed of the outcome of the assessment.
  • You are welcome to read or discuss our eligibility criteria for equipment and adaptations.
  • Any equipment provided will be supplied with instructions for its use, care and eventual return.


If you wish to comment or complain about the OT service, a leaflet is available from the Western Isles NHS Board.  However, the first step would be to contact the Departmental Manager to resolve any issues.  If this is not possible information on the formal complaints procedure is readily available.

Contact Details

Any questions or comments may be addressed to:

Occupational Therapy Contacts

OT Department
Western Isles Hospital
Macaulay Road
Isle of Lewis

Tel: 01851 708287

Paediatric Occupational Therapy
Health Centre
Springfield Road
Isle of Lewis HS1 2PS

Tel:  01851 705685

Dept of Occupational Therapy
Social Work Department
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Tel: 01870 602425


Western Isles Occupational Therapy Service Website