Fees and Charges (Waste Disposal and Recycling)

1 April 2022 To 31 March 2023

Landfill Tax

The rate of tax for active waste is £102.10 per tonne, with inactive waste at a lower rate of £3.25 per tonne.

Household Waste

Disposal of household waste excluding any waste containing asbestos and gypsum material will remain free of charge. In order to assist the Comhairle in carrying out it’s recycling initiative, householders are encouraged to separate their waste which is suitable for recycling (see table below, current list of accepted wastes) and take it to one of the Comhairle’s licensed Household Waste Recycling Centres for processing.

Trade Waste

Commercial and Industrial waste producers taking their waste to one of the Comhairle’s licensed landfill sites or receiving a refuse collection service are required by law to pay for these services. Current charges for disposal are set out in the table below with a half tonne minimum disposal charge for Active and Inactive Wastes, with the exception of horticultural waste which does not attract the minimum disposal charge. As Difficult Waste requires special handling procedures a one tonne minimum disposal charge will apply. In order to encourage waste producers to dispose of Special Waste in a safe and proper manner, permitted Special Waste as outlined in the current Waste Management Licences will not attract a minimum disposal charge. As of 1st January 2014, the law is changing for all commercial premises in Scotland. Every business will be required, by law, to take all reasonable steps to recycle as much waste as possible.

Recycled Waste

Waste producers can minimise their disposal bill by separating waste at source into categories which are suitable for recycling (see table below, current list of accepted wastes), and taking the separated waste to one of the Comhairle’s licensed process sites (currently sited at Bennadrove Landfill Site and Rueval Landfill Site) for recycling. Wastes suitable for recycling are exempted from Landfill Tax but subject to a process charge. Waste producers can save more than 40% of their waste charges by segregating and delivering their waste in this manner.

Please note that non-segregated loads will not be exempted.

Waste Transfer Notes

Producers of Commercial and Industrial waste who receive a refuse collection service or take their waste to one of the Comhairle’s licensed landfill sites for disposal or recycling have a legal duty to declare all waste arising from their operations by completing a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note. Registered waste carriers who do not receive a transfer note from the waste producer are required by law to provide one.

Special Waste

To dispose of special waste, first confirm that the waste can be accepted at one of the Comhairle’s licensed landfill sites. Secondly obtain a Special Waste Transfer Note from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and finally pre-notify the Comhairle’s licensed landfill site three days in advance of the waste’s arrival. Under no circumstances shall special waste be deposited in refuse collection wheeled bins or in a Community Skip.


Waste Disposal and Recycling Charges

Contacts - Waste Disposal & Recycling
Lewis & Harris Uist & Barra For General Recycling Information

Bennadrove Landfill Site
Bennadrove Road
Isle of Lewis
Tel: (01851) 822 673

Waste Transfer Station
Market Stance
Isle of  Benbecula

Tel: (01870) 604 998

Zero Waste Western Isles
Creed IWM Facility
Creed Enterprise Park
Lochs Road

Tel: (01851) 709 900