Request a Second Non-Recycling Bin

Who can apply for a 2nd non-recyclable waste bin?

You can apply for a 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bin if you already use all your recycling bins to their full capacity, AND you live in a household with:

  • five or more permanent occupants or
  • two or more children in nappies or
  • someone who has a medical condition that creates extra waste.

Please be aware, if you apply for a 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bin you are confirming that you meet the above criteria. No bin will be delivered if information you provide is not correct.

Apply online for a 2nd non-recyclable waste bin

You can use the Additional Household Non Recyclable Waste Bin Form to apply online.

Please ensure you meet the above criteria before applying online.

How do we decide whether you can have a 2nd non-recyclable waste bin?

Your application is assessed against the criteria above. A Zero Waste Officer may carry out a home visit to check that you are utilising all the recycling bins correctly and to their full capacity, before deciding on your application.


If the Zero Waste Officer agrees you can have a 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bin, it will be delivered to you usually within 2 weeks.

Important information

  • All bins remain our property at all times. You may have to return the bin if we ask you to.
  • Bins are allocated to an individual property, and are identified by their serial number. Authorised 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bins are identified with a label issued by the Comhairle.
  • If your household is no longer eligible for the 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bin, you must contact us to arrange for the removal of the bin.
  • If the bin is misused or we find you no longer qualify for the 2nd bin, we may remove it.
  • All applications granted for 2nd Non-Recyclable Waste bins will be subject to review bi-annually.

Further information is available from Zero Waste Western Isles on 01851 70 99 00 or by email