Fund Specific Criteria Reducing Energy and Emissions Grant


This document sets out objectives and criteria specific to the Reducing Energy & Emissions Grant administered as part of the Outer Hebrides Community Led Local Development (OH CLLD) Fund 2022-23. It is to be read in conjunction with OH CLLD’s Community Led Vision Guidance (244.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) which sets out the programme’s wider aims and objectives.

Purpose of the Grant

The Reducing Energy & Emissions Grant, which forms part of OH CLLD’s Community and Key Project Support programme as set out in their Community Led Vision (398.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), will assist businesses and organisations with the costs associated with installing a Catalytic Hydrogen Fuel and Emission Reduction System (Opens in a new window or downloads a file). Successful applicants will receive a 75% grant towards the overall capital costs associated with acquiring and installing the system. A total of £30,000 have been set aside for this purpose.

This grant is intended as a trial that will enable OH CLLD to gather data on how successful the technology is in a range of vehicles and vessels in an Outer Hebrides setting. For this reason, grants will be awarded to as diverse a group as possible, including a geographic spread. In return for the grant awarded, recipients are expected to cooperate by regularly providing data on their fuel and emissions to enable Ecomotus to calibrate their system and the CLLD LAG to track the trial’s success.

Each business will only receive funding towards installing the Catalytic Hydrogen Fuel and Emission Reduction System in one of their vehicles/vessels.

Applicants may decide to, at their own cost, have more than one Catalytic Hydrogen Fuel and Emission Reduction system installed or to proceed with installation even if their application to this grant proves unsuccessful. In this case, they should state this on the OH CLLD Reducing Energy and Emissions application form when asked and make sure to list all engines in the Ecomotus application form, naming the engine to be covered by funding first. This will have no impact on the success of their application. While all efforts will be made to include such additional installations within this project’s timetable, please note that priority will be given to the installation of those systems that received funding.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be deemed eligible, organisations applying for funding must be based within the Outer Hebrides and their vehicle/vessel registered there. Applicants must be either a business, sole trader operating as a business, social enterprise, community development company/trust or a constituted not-for-profit voluntary organisation. Applications from private individuals, public sector bodies or organisations outwith the Outer Hebrides will not be considered. Religious groups will not ordinarily be eligible unless broad community benefits can be demonstrated.

Further to the criteria set out in the Community Led Vision Guidance (244.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), applicants must:

  • be seeking support with capital costs only;
  • be able to pay an instalment of 50% of overall costs by 26th January and the full costs by 23rd February 2023;
  • be able to make their vehicle/vessel available for installation for two weeks from 27th February (once a timetable has been finalised, it should be possible to narrow this down to a 2-day slot);
  • submit all final claims by 10th March 2023.

The Application Process

In order to ensure the Local Action Group has all the information it requires and that the production and installation process can take place within the timeframe set, the application process will require applicants to provide information to both the CLLD team and to Ecomotus. Applicants are therefore urged to contact the CLLD Coordinator at the earliest possible stage to discuss their application.

During the initial step of the application process, applicants will be asked to provide Ecomotus with information relating to their vessel/vehicle, based on which Ecomotus will issue a quote covering likely costs as well as predicted emissions and fuel savings. At this stage, the applicant must decide whether to proceed with an application to the fund. All applications must be submitted by midday on Friday 20th January 2023.

Applicants will be made aware od the LAG’s decision the following week and successful projects issued with a letter of offer shortly after and offer of contract which they are asked to sign and return immediately. On receipt of the signed contract, the CLLD Coordinator (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) will inform Ecomotus, who will issue the applicant with an invoice for the first instalment consisting of 50% of the overall value. Payment of this is due by Thursday 26th January and will trigger manufacture of a Catalytic Hydrogen Fuel and Emission Reduction System bespoke to their vehicle/vessel. The second instalment covering the remaining 50% will become due by 23rd February, prior to installation.

Ecomotus will be in the Outer Hebrides to install the technology during w/c 27th February. Further fine-tuning and aftercare may take place during the following week. Applicants are asked to ensure that their vehicle/vessel can be made available during this period. A more precise timetable will be determined once it is clear how many successful applicants there were and where their vessels/vehicles are located, at which point it should be possible to allocate a 2-day installation slot to each vehicle/vessel.

Applicants must submit all claims by Friday 10th March 2023 at the latest in order to receive the grant.

Key project dates

  • Applications must be submitted no later than midday on Friday 20th January 2023.
  • Applicants will be made aware of the LAG’s decision the following week and successful projects issued with a letter of offer shortly after.
  • The first instalment (50%) for successful applicants is due by Thursday 26th January and the final instalment (50%) by Thursday 23rd February.
  • The system will be fitted during a 2-week period from Monday 27th February.
  • All claims must be submitted by Friday 10th March 2023.

For further information and guidance, please contact the Outer Hebrides CLLD Coordinator by emailing