The latest consultation outcome...

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Equality Outcomes 2017 – 2021

We Asked

As per Appendix 1, we asked how strongly people agreed or not with the proposed overarching equality outcomes and how accessible Comhairle services were. This was to assist with the development of the Comhairle’s Equality Outcomes for 2017-21 which were identified from initial consultation with Comhairle services and Third sector and equality groups.

You Said

As per Appendix 2, 34 responses to the public consultation were received.  The responses were aligned to the Equality Outcomes priorities and analysed, as follows:

  1. Make the Western Isles a better place to live and work: 61.8% strongly agree, 20.6% agree;
  2. Improved standard of independent living and opportunities to remain residents of the Western Isles: 70.6% strongly agree, 17.7% agree;
  3. The Comhairle is recognized as an equal opportunity employer with an employee profile reflective of the authority area: 31.3% strongly agree, 28.1% agree;
  4. Equal opportunity to high quality learning and teaching in all educational settings to develop skills for lifelong learning and working: 42.4% strongly agree, 36.4% agree; and
  5. People in Western Isles will have equal opportunity to access and shape our public services: 41.2% strongly agree, 26.5% agree

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did

We have further developed the over-arching outcomes and proposed appropriate actions and measures which will demonstrate our progress towards meeting the Equality Outcomes.  The actions and measures will be revisited when the Comhairle’s Local Outcome Improvement Plan is developed and the Corporate Strategy is published to ensure they work together.

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do

We did not consider issues that did not have an impact on equality matters or where decisions have already been taken or on allocation of more money to specific services e.g. comments that concern the look of the town centre do not impact a person’s ability to live or work in the area; comments concerning the opening hours of ISL have already been considered through the Comhairle’s democratic process.