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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Licensed Taxi and Private Hire Car (Where fitted with Taxi Meter) Fare Structure

We Asked

Your views on the licensed taxi and private hire car (where fitted with a taxi meter) fare structure and whether there should be any change in the taxi fares for the Western Isles. This includes an opportunity for taxi and private hire car operators to give any detailed responses in respect of the fares.

You Said

For the consultation, any respondents could send CNES their own written proposals or use the template provided by CNES, which is attached in Appendix 3.

CNES received 11 responses to the initial consultation.

7 responses were from taxi operators who wished the fares to remain unchanged.

4 responses were from taxi operators who wished for the fares to be increased.

After further consultation, with notice in a local newspaper giving the operators the opportunity to make representations to the agreed proposal to increase fares, no further comments were received from the consultees.

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did 

CNES considered all responses to the consultations all of the various stages of the process. Following no representations being received to the final consultation, CNES approved the revised taxi fare structure, which took effect from 21 May 2018.

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do

This is not applicable as CNES followed the correct procedures as required under Section 17 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 whereby CNES is required to carry out a periodic review of taxi and private hire car fares.