Local Housing Strategy

Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar has a statutory responsibility as the strategic housing authority for the Outer Hebrides to produce a Local Housing Strategy.

Outer Hebrides Local Housing Strategy 2017-2022  (5.2MB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) details the housing outcomes, objectives, and actions that the Comhairle and our local partners believe will best address the issues affecting our distinctive local housing system during the lifespan of the Strategy. It provides a framework that will allow us to work together to use our resources and expertise to improve the housing outcomes for residents of the Outer Hebrides. Our vision is that housing provision and services in the Outer Hebrides should make a strong contribution to health and well-being, encourage population retention, and support the sustainability of our communities.

Local Housing Strategy 2017-2022

  • Recognises that good quality housing and housing services play a central role in the social, economic and physical well-being of all Outer Hebrides residents
  • Sets out the housing contribution to meeting the Outer Hebrides’ Community Planning Partnership long-term ambition to create a stable and more diverse population as set out in the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2017-2027 (Draft) (7.6MB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)
  • Has been informed by our statutory housing duties and the policy priorities of the Scottish Government
  • Is based on the findings of the comprehensively updated Outer Hebrides Housing Need and Demand Assessment (2.1MB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), which was assessed as “Robust and Credible” by Scottish Government in December 2017
  • Takes account of the outcomes of key achievements since our previous LHS and supporting plans were published
  • Has been shaped by issues raised by stakeholders and residents during a comprehensive consultation exercise on the potential content of the LHS
  • In developing the LHS the Comhairle has taken into account the provisions contained within the Equality Act 2010.  The housing needs of all the equalities groups within the Comhairle’s area are considered throughout and an Equalities Impact Assessment (290.7kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), which accords with Scottish Government guidance, has been undertaken

What Local Housing Outcomes do we Wish to Achieve in the Long Term?

Based on our consultations with the residents of the Outer Hebrides, we believe this strategy will be a success in the long term if as a result of implementing it:

  1. Communities are sustained and re-vitalised through improvements to housing quality, condition, and energy efficiency
  2. Housing supply is sufficient to support people’s needs and aspirations and assist wider corporate aims
  3. Homeless clients can access a range of advice, support, and appropriate accommodation to suit their needs
  4. People can access services and accommodation which promotes and extends independent living

Links with other local strategies and local plans

The LHS is a corporate strategy and delivery of some of the priority actions set out in the document will require further development of policy and practice with colleagues in other departments.   

Aside from the Single Outcome Agreement, the LHS is also particularly closely aligned to the Comhairle’s Local Development Plan (LDP), which will deliver an adequate supply of suitable land for housing development, and the Housing Land Audit which monitors the availability of sites, their progress through planning processes and annual house completion figures. The Outer Hebrides Fuel Poverty Action Plan (64.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) sets out a range of tasks to address Fuel Poverty issues

Monitoring and Review

Review of the Previous Local Housing Strategy 2011-16 (352.8kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)

The Comhairle will regularly monitor progress towards the LHS objectives and will review the document on an annual basis.

A Risk Assessment (10.8kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) is in place for the LHS, the purpose of which is to identify potential risks associated with the outcomes of the Strategy, the likely impact of any identified risk, and to have measures in place to control and minimise that risk where possible.

For further information please contact:

Iain Watson
Housing Services Manager

Housing Services Team
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Tel: 01851 822691
e-mail: iwatson@cne-siar.gov.uk