Bookbug in the Western Isles

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Bookbug is a wonderful programme for babies, toddlers and preschoolers which is all about enjoying books, rhymes and stories together.

Bookbug Sessions
Bookbug Sessions are fun free and friendly events for babies, toddlers and families to enjoy together.


Bookbug’s Library Challenge
Bookbug's Library Challenge is a fun, exciting way to give your child a love of reading for life.


Sharing Books and rhymes with your child
Great books, tips for parents and fun activities to enjoy with your child.

Bookbug Gàidhlig : Òrain Is Rannan Chloinne (979.0kB)


Bookbug Packs
The Scottish Book Trust Early Years Programme provides a range of free book packs for every child in Scotland from birth to Primary 1.


Bookbug Email Alert
Sign up to the Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug email alert to receive regular book suggestions and tips.