Stornoway Library : Posters and displays


Western Isles Libraries aims to support the local community through providing information through the display of posters and leaflets.  As the space available in libraries is limited, all material submitted will be assessed according to the following criteria.

  1. No guarantee is made to display any posters submitted, or return any material supplied
  2. Posters promoting local events, tourist activities and theatrical events will take priority over any others
  3. Posters promoting a political party, commercial activities or services, or any other material that might be deemed unacceptable, will not be displayed.
  4. The decision of the senior library manager is final and no discussion will be entered into.

A complete copy of our Poster and Display Policy will be available shortly.


Dependant on the space available, libraries may be able to host displays of art, crafts, and informative displays by local and community organisations.

Stornoway Library has a window display area, overlooking Cromwell Street. The space may be booked in advance by contacting the library at 01851 822744.