Sport Awards

The Lewis and Harris Sports Council make 8 awards to clubs/individuals each year.

The Service to Sport award is supplied by Scottish Club Sport and the main criteria for the award is that the nominee has made a significant voluntary contribution as an administrator, coach or official to local sport over a lengthy period of time.

Two Awards are sponsored by Sportsworld and are for the Under-18 and Over-18 Sportspersons of the Year for their achievements in their sport.

We also have the Murdo Maclean Club/Squad of the Year selected by the Sports Council Office bearers and the LHSC Club of the Year for affiliated clubs and organisation that have developed or enhanced their activities over the last year/s

Finally, Sport Scotland (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) have supplied 3 award that will be made to a community coach, young coach & young person’s coach.

  • Community coach will be made to a coach who has supported the development of athletes or teams, who are in the main over the age of 18 and who has significantly increased the sporting opportunities available and participation levels within their community.
  • Young coach will be made to a coach aged 25 years or younger in recognition of their achievements to date. This award looks for young coaches who have invested in their development as a coach and have made a significant impact on the people they coach.
  • Young person’s coach will be made to a coach who has made an outstanding contribution to the introduction and early development of sport for young people under the age of 18.

The nomination form is available below.

Nomination Categories

  • Scottish Club Sport Service to Sport
  • Sportscotland Community Coach of the Year
  • Sportsworld Over 18 Sports Person of the Year
  • Sportsworld Under 18 Sports Person of the Year
  • Murdo Maclean Team/Squad of the Year
  • LHSC Club of the Year
  • Sportscotland Young Coach of the Year
  • Sportscotland Young Person’s Coach of the Year

Previous Winners

LHSC Sport Awards - Previous Winners
Service to Sport Sportsworld Over 18 Sportsworld U18 Club of Year Team/Squad of Year Community Coach of Year Young Coach of Year Young Persons Coach of the Year
Peter Macdonald 2001 Athletics              
Murdie Campbell 2002 Canoeing              
James tod Macdonald 2003 Golf John Neil Mitchell 2003 Quad Bikes Sean Stephen 2003 Rugby          
Donald Dano Macdonald 2004 Football/Badminton Alistair Dunlop 2004 Athletics Kathryn Offer 2004 Swimming          
Robert Mackay 2005 Christy Macleod 2005 Eilidh Mackenzie 2005          
Sandra Macdonald 2006 Norrie Macdonald 2006 Kevin Macdonald 2006 STY Canoe Club Lochs FC      
Liz Carmichael 2007 John Neil Mitchell 2007 Eilidh Mackenzie 2007 Stornoway Rugby Club 2007 WIIGA Athletics Squad 2007      
Adrian Macdonald (Rugby) 2008 Paul Smith (Mountain Biking) 2008 Robert Jones (Athletics) 2008 Stornoway United FC 2008 SRAC HIPPO U11 Squad 2008      
Tom Joyce Football (Rugby) 2009 Kathryn Offer (Swimming) 2009 Donnie Macleod (Athletics) 2009 Stornoway Running and Athletics Club 2009 WIIGA Athletics Squad 2009      
Magnus Johnston (Football) 2010 Howard Maciver (Athletics) 2010 Alasdair Summers (Athletics) 2010 Isle of Lewis Gymnastics Club 2010 Westside Football Club 2010      
Ross Munro (Athletics) 2011 Eilidh MacKenszie (Athletics) 2011 Kara Hanlon (Swimming) 2011 Back Football & Recreation Club 2011 WIIGA Woman's Football Squad 2011      
Neil Fallon Macarthur (Youth Clubs) 2012 Scott Maciver (Football) 2012 Connor Maclean (Athletics) 2012 Stornoway Golf Club 2012 Carloway Football Club 2012 Stuart Baird (Swimming) 2012    
Eric "Strada" Macleod (Football) 2013 Donnie Macleod(Athletics) 2013 Jenny Mactaggart (Athletics) 2013 Harris Gun Clun 2013 WIIGA squad (Bermuda) 2013 D.R. Morrison (Swimming) 2013 Andrew Murray (Football) 2013  
Angus Bubble Mackay (Rugby) 2014 Paul Duke (Shinty) 2014 Connor Maclean (Athletics) 2014 Westside Runners 2014 Westside FC 2014 Callum Campbell (Rugby) 2014 Andrew Duncan (Football) 2014  
Malcolm Macdonald (Football) 2015 Kathryn Offer (Swimming) 2015 Kara Hanlon (Swimming) 2015 Stornoway Golf Club 2015 Western Isles Island Games Squad 2015 Ross Munro (Athletics) 2015 Rebekah Murray (Swimming) 2015  
Ethel MacNally (Athletics) 2016 Christina Mackenzie (Ironman) 2016 John Hughson (Shooting) 2016 Stornoway Rugby Club Island Select (Athletics) 2016 David Hanlon (Swimming) 2016 Ali Reed (Shinty) 2016  
AJ Moley Macleod 2017 Kara Hanlon 2017 John Hughson 2017 Harris Gun Club Scottish Salmon WIIGA Swim Team 2017 Lorraine Morrison 2017 Ali Gillies 2017  
Jane Macintosh (Gymnastics 2018) John MacAskill (Athletics 2018) Rachael Johnstone (Football 2018) Westside Running & Fitness Club 2018 Stornoway Women's Rugby Club 2018 David Hanlon (Swimming 2018) Rebecca McGrath (Gymnastics 2018) Alan MacIver & Willie Macrury (Athletics 2018)
DR Morrison (Swimming 2019) Mary Macleod (Football 2019) Rachael Johnstone (Football 2019) Lewis Camanacdh 2019 Lewis & Harris Women's Football Club 2019 Gavin Earon (Mountain Biking 2019) Scott Macleod (Shinty 2019) Jessica Macleod (Football 2019)