Comhairle Leader Condemns Royal Bank of Scotland Decision

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Leader, Cllr Roddie Mackay, has condemned the decision of the Royal Bank of Scotland to remove the Castlebay branch without any consultation with local residents, local businesses or the Comhairle.

Mr Mackay, said: “The Royal Bank of Scotland has shown complete disregard for the circumstances of the islands by closing the Castlebay branch and withdrawing the only cashline machine on the island.  Not only is this completely unacceptable, but shows a remarkable lack of understanding of island circumstances by suggesting that people take a 27.4 mile half day ferry trip across to Daliburgh or Creagorry to use a cashline machine.  It will damage an already fragile island economy and impact the decision making of families considering relocating to the island, employees, visitors, as well as the many local residents and local businesses which will be affected.

"RBS is 73% owned by the UK taxpayer, yet it seems to have taken no account of the public in reaching this decision. I will be writing to the Bank asking that it reconsiders this ill-advised decision and the subsequent impact it will have on the community of Barra."