Welcome For Infrastructure Commission for Scotland Report

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has welcomed recommendations from the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland (ICS) on strategic long-term infrastructure advice regarding delivering Scotland’s inclusive, net-zero carbon economy.

Enshrining the ‘Place Principle’* and implementing a one public sector approach to planning and developing sustainable places are key recommendations in the report.

The Leader of Comhairle nan EIlean Siar, Roddie Mackay, who was a participant in the Project, said: ‘The Place Principle and a one public sector approach in developing sustainable places is very much in line with what the Comhairle is doing and its aspirations for our communities. The Islands Deal which was secured last week clearly has a focus on supporting a net zero carbon economy in the Islands and we will be working on that with our partners as we move forward out of the COVID pandemic towards Recovery and Renewal.

In Barra, we are working closely with the Health Board and other partners to develop a model of integrated services in one campus in line with the community’s wishes. In moving forward, particularly in the light of the challenging economic circumstances post-COVID, the fiscal challenges will require a single public sector approach to policy and delivering services in such a way that the aspirations of our communities are met.”


  • Giving an Independent, Specialist Body the remit to provide strategic, long-term infrastructure advice to Scottish Government
  • Enshrining the Place Principle* and implementing a one public sector approach to planning and developing sustainable places
  • Establishing a Construction Accord to strengthen the future relationship between the public sector and the construction industry

*The Place Principle: A principle for taking a place-based approach. The ‘place principle’ was developed collaboratively with a range of organisations to provide a shared context for place-based work. It was signed off by Scottish Government in February 2018 with a commitment to work in close partnership with COSLA to adopt and implement the Principle.

We recognise that: Place is where people, location and resources combine to create a sense of identity and purpose, and are at the heart of addressing the needs and realising the full potential of communities. Places are shaped by the way resources, services and assets are directed and used by the people who live in and invest in them.

A more joined-up, collaborative, and participative approach to services, land and buildings, across all sectors within a place, enables better outcomes for everyone and increased opportunities for people and communities to shape their own lives.

The principle requests that: All those responsible for providing services and looking after assets in a place need to work and plan together, and with local communities, to improve the lives of people, support inclusive growth and create more successful places.

We commit to taking: A collaborative, place based approach with a shared purpose to support a clear way forward for all services, assets and investments which will maximise the impact of their combined resources.