Travel Restrictions

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has confirmed that Island Authorities are involved in discussions regarding any proposed amendments to travel restrictions on ferries to and from the Islands.

The Comhairle is seeking clarification on eligibility for travel as restrictions are gradually eased with a preference for island residents and essential travellers being the priority in the initial stages.

A spokesperson said:

“The Comhairle has repeatedly stated that our preference would be that any easing of restrictions means priority for Island residents and essential travellers such as medical workers and specialist contractors. First and foremost in our considerations will be the safety of our communities. At some point, the Islands will have to open up to recreational and other visitors for the sake of our economy – and we will welcome everyone back with traditional Hebridean hospitality - but that will have to be done gradually and carefully. We will continue to have discussions with Scottish Government and all interested parties”.  

The Comhairle is also seeking an easing of inter-island ferry travel restrictions for families living in the Islands.